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Tour of Savannah Square

Savannah is one of the beautiful oldest cities in the state of Georgia and there are total 22 squares in the town, they are really popular. This is a app design special for the squares in the town. 


UI/UX Design/Interaction 


Design + Art Director + Photography

The Problem


There are a lot of travel agencies offer a tour of the town, but never have an special offer for the history squares. Many of the visitors sometimes just want to visit the squares, but this is hard for them. And also there are a lot of couples want to take a square tour to pick one of their favorite to hold their wedding. 

The Solution


Developed this solution to address the existing issues. The Map+App provides a simple and convenient solution for the visitors, especially for the visitors who are just interested in the history squares. They can review all the squares and also can just pick the one they want to visit. The marketing campaign creates its benefits and its existence. 

Created the prototype hand-drawn wireframe, and did some user testing to improve the usability.

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Map Design

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