TinCup Geocaching

It is a national Geocaching promotion for TINCUP Whiskey to inspire consumers to explore the great outdoors. They released 2,000 trackable TINCUP caps into the wild to give consumers a chance to strike real gold, like the original whiskey drinkers of the west. The caps traveled across the country and even overseas with over 4,000 logged moves. Consumers could win up to $25,000 in gold by collecting two halves of a torn map. The first half could be found on tear pads at GNF-desgined in-store displays or online, while 25 "second halves" of the map were hidden within golden TINCUP caps across the U.S.A total of 12 out of a possible 25 winners split the total prize pot, paid in real gold. Consumers also entered to win TINCUP rucksacks by posting a photo with half of the map or a trackable cap on Instagram with her #MountainWhiskey#Entry.


GNF Marketing




Angela Vecchio (Creative Director), Christina Calisi (Copy Writer)


Art Director + Design

3D Gold Rendering Process

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