ISTO | IEEE Web Design

We are tasked with reimagining the IEEE-ISTO brand identity and applying the new look and feel across the logo, website and company stationery templates. The goal was to modernize the brand and reflect the future-driven direction of the organization. IEEE-ISTO is the premier trusted partner of the global technology community for the development, adoption and certification of industry standards and technology solutions. In order to show the industry that the company is fluid and growing as technology changes, our team created a new corporate logo that accentuates motion with a fluid design and modern color palette.


GNF Marketing




Angela Vecchio (Creative Director)



Color Platte

The primary color palette uses soft, muted shades of blue and green that work together in a complementary fashion to create a subtle yet impactful look. The use of warm tones as opposed to primary colors creates a more serious, sophisticated and grounded color story. The secondary color palette should be used for accent colors to bring brand documentation to life.

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