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no.5 illustration

Madam C.J. Walker Video

Illustrated frames and storyboarded this animated motion collage that we brought the story of Madam C.J. Walker to life through a series of mixed media layouts that combine stop-motion style paper cut-outs with charming text design, packaging of the time and captivating transitions.

Andie Villanueva (Animator)

Grow with Google
workshop email banner

Conceptualized & illustrated frames for a celebratory email banner to be included at the top of a Grow with Google OnAir email for attendees who complete all parts of a workshop series.

Animated by Andrew Roberts and Art Directed by Michele Mason

1 Billion Google Calendar Users

In this simplified and stylized UI animation show how a variety of
users use Google Calendar to plan
their day. A single day comes to life
with changing events, avatars and background colors from user to user with smooth and snappy motion.

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